Graphic Designers Vs Architects

Graphic Designers

Both graphic designers and architects use design elements to meet the requirements of employers or clients. They don’t work in the same field and their purposes differ from one another. However, they have a lot many things in common. Both work with an objective to design layouts for distinct projects. Graphic designers make use of computer software for artwork creation such as illustrations and logos, while architects mainly focus on building and structure layouts.  Compare the roles of these professionals to understand how similar and different in their design careers are.

Role of graphic designers & architects

Architects utilize their layout design ideas to plan an effective way to construct buildings and structures. They work in offices and venture outside to analyze the construction of buildings and ensure that people follow their plans. As far as graphic designers are concerned, they work in both offices and studios and their main focus area is on artwork used for publications. They create images such as logos for clients through computer software.

Architects plan on the functioning of buildings and also meet clients frequently to ensure that their designs match as per the requirement. They have good knowledge of material cost and provide accurate estimates to employers. There are work-from-home architects who are self-employed and offer the same services as other professional architects. Some of the key responsibilities of architects are:

  •        Instruct employees on ways to create building drafts.
  •        Write up client contracts.
  •        Discuss the budget and requirements of projects.
  •        Adhere to zoning laws and building codes.
  •        Conduct marketing to generate profitable business.
  •        Build BIM (building information modeling) programs.

Graphic designer

As far as graphic designers, they work from offices and studios for employers or are self-employed. They create attractive logos, designs, and illustrations for clients. Advertising, projects for brochures and magazines are also part of their job. Graphic designers combine all illustrations together from the beginning and use photo-editing software. They use graphics or photos in creative ways to suit the requirements of clients. Some of the main responsibilities of graphic designers are as follows:

  •         Use both text and images for designing.
  •         Choose font, color, and other elements.
  •         Stay updated with latest technologies.
  •         Learn how to implement digital illustration software.
  •         Present creative designs to employers or clients.

Perks for architects and graphic designers

Those who are architects are also keen on the whereabouts of a city planner as both have equal involvement in a layout of buildings. Similarly, if you are pursuing a career in graphic designing, you may also have the same interest in photography as photo editing software is used in both fields. There are many companies offering services on graphic designing and architecture for your offices and homes.