Graphic design can help shape architecture plans in a better way. If you are into architectural renderings and designs, you might already be dabbling with graphic design tools as well. These can help play a helpful role in pitching concepts, help developers in marketing their projects, help architecture firms to sell their virtual designs and project plans faster.

There are usually three key phases of an architectural project. In the initial stage of concept, the right articulation is important to pitch big ideas. When the concept of a project design needs to be pitched to a client or organization and even to the public, the use of graphic design tools becomes useful in pitching the ideas in a simple and clear manner. Graphic designers can also aid architects in presenting their ideas in the right way and see what they envisioned coming to life.

At the strategy stage, graphic design tools can help architects explore different architectural concepts and work on presentation narratives as well as branding ideas. The way a project needs to be presented would depend on the target segment and how the same can be marketed to them.

When it comes to diagrams, these are vital graphic design tools which help transform architectural ideas into visuals that are simple and easy to understand. Visuals help to enhance clarifications when client meetings are held and tell the story more clearly.

The above points are probably something that modern architects are familiar with. In this blog, we explore the different facets of graphic design and how it can help the field of architecture.