140 Chestnut Street, Springfield, Massachusetts.

R. Wendell Phillips & Associates Architects and Preservation Consultants

Kimball Towers Associates Developers

The Hotel Kimball was built in 1910 from designs prepared by Albert Winslow Cobb in the Renaissance Revival style. The architectural details include rusticated stone base; arched window openings with stone voussoirs; vertical stone banding; and a detailed cornice profile. The building was designed as a first class hotel with grand function rooms and ample guest accommodations.

The Kimball Towers is located in the Apremont Triangle Historic District and is eligible to be designated an Historic Building. The proposed renovations will be carried out in accordance with the Historic Preservation Certification.


The building facade will be restored to the original Renaissance Revival Style. The entry doors on Bridge, Hillman and Chestnut Streets will be wood to match the original doors. The canopies over the entry doors will be restored or replaced in order to match the original design. The windows will be retained, cleaned and painted. The existing stone and brick will be cleaned with non abrasive cleaner.


The Bridge Street level was converted into a garage. Approximately 112 cars may be parked. With valet parking approximately 122 cars may be parked. The parking lot across the street at the corner of Dwight and Bridge streets provides parking for approximately 38 additional cars. This lot will be paved and landscaped.


The Chestnut Street Lobby: The partition added to enclose the monumental stair will be removed. (The fire .stair that connects to this stair will be extended to the Bridge Street entrance.) The mosaic tile floor will be restored and cleaned. The existing gaold leaf and marble plastered columns will be restored and the plaster beams will be patched and painted. The lobby will be 
decorated with period furniture and drapes, oriental rugs will accent the floor and crystal chandeliers and sconces will provide lighting.

Ballrooms and public spaces: The small ballroom on Chestnut Street will be restored to its 1910 splendor. The large ballroom will be made in to a two story suite to serve as professional offices. The Kitchen and function room area on the first floor and mezzanine will be renovated by creating a two story skylighted atrium to provide a focal point for new office and recreational spaces.

Residential Space: The Kimball Towers currently has 114 units: 30 Efficiencies, 72 One Bedroom Units, and 12 Two Bedroom U nits.

The office space in the 2 story building will be converted into 5 units: 1 One Bed room Unit, 2 two Bedroom Duplex Units and 2 Two Bedroom Units. The office space in the Bridge street addition on the first three levels will be converted into 6 One Bedroom Units. The 2and Floor offices will be converted into 17 units: 13 One Bedroom Units, 1 One Bedroom Den Unit, and 6 Two Bedroom Units.

The existing 3rd through 8the floors will be modified by combining two efficiency units with adjoining units to provide 102 units: 6 Efficiency Units, 72 One Bedroom Units, 6 One Bedroom Den Units, and 18 Two Bedroom Units.

The new renovations will provide 140 units: 6 Efficiencies, 6 One Bedroom Den Units, 92 One Bedroom Units, 23 Two Bedroom Units, and 13 Two Bedroom Duplex Units.

Residential Modernizations: The existing units will be modernized by installing new fronts on existing kitchen cabinets and replacing existing appliances, installing new toilet accessories, refinishingexisting wood floors, installing new carpeting, and painting. Existing interior unit paneled doors will restored. The existing ceramic tile will be cleaned or replaced.

The residential hallways will be restored by removing the paint from the walnut door frames, installing new doors, installing new chair rail and ceiling moldings, existing light fixtures will be replaced, painting and new carpeting will complete the renovation.

Elevators: The existing elevators will be inspected and repaired, the cabs will be restored to maintain the renaissance character of the project.

Plumbing: New toilet fixtures will be provided through out. The existing tubs will be refinished. T New hot water heaters will be provided.

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning: The existing boilers will be replaced with new hydro-therm units. New HVAC system will be designed for the first floor and mezzanine. The 2and floor thru the 8the floor the existing under window heating and air-conditioning units will be replaced.

Fire Protection: A new heat and smoke detection system and fire alarm stations in accordance with Springfield Fire Department standards. The existing standpipes will be retained and a sprinkler system will be installed in the garage areas.

Electrical: The existing electrical system will be inspected and repaired. New lighting will be provided through out, Bathrooms and toilets will be provided with ground fault receptacles. Remodeled areas will receive new wiring and receptacles, The existing TV system will be expanded to include cable.